History 363

The Journal of the Historical Association, Volume 104, Issue 363

Published: 20th December 2019

Special Issue: Alun Howkins, 1947–2018


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  1. Alun Howkins, 1947–2018: Introduction (pp 819-828) – Karen Sayer, Nicola Verdon

  2. Skill, Status and the Agricultural Workforce in Victorian England (pp 829-850) – Nicola Verdon

  3. Worcestershire's Women: Local Studies and the Gender Politics of the First World War and its Legacy (pp 851-870) – Maggie Andrews

  4. Nobody Grumbled: Surviving the Depression in the Interwar Uplands (pp 871-889)– Hilary Crowe

  5. ‘Disastrous’ and ‘Detrimental’: The National Union of Agricultural Workers' Complaints against the Employment of Axis Prisoners of War, 1939–1948 (pp 890-910) – Alan Malpass

  6. The Changing Landscape of ‘Labour’: Work and Livestock in Post‐Second World War British Agriculture (pp 911-940) – Karen Sayer (Open Access)

  7. ‘A Richness that is Lacking Now’: Country Childhoods, Nostalgia and Rural Change in the Mass Observation Project (pp 941-963)– Sian Edwards

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