History 364

The Journal of the Historical Association, Volume 105, Issue 364

Published: 8th January 2020


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  1. The Inner Circle: What is Diplomatic History? (And Why We Should Study it): An Inaugural Lecture (pp 5-27) – T. G. Otte

  2. Enmity or Amity? The Status of French Immigrants to England during an Age of War, c.1290–c.1540 (pp 28-59) – W. Mark Ormrod (Free Access)

  3. British Union and Empire in the Origin of Commerce: Adam Anderson as Eighteenth‐Century Historian and Scottish Political Economist (pp 60-81) – Paul Tonks

  4. Rebuilding the Universities after the Great War: Ex‐Service Students, Scholarships and the Reconstruction of Student Life in England (pp 82-106) – Georgina Brewis, Sarah Hellawell, Daniel Laqua (Open Access)

  5. Review Article: Pauper Agency among the Sick Poor in the Long Nineteenth Century (pp 107-117) – Cara Dobbing

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