History 366

The Journal of the Historical Association, Volume 105, Issue 366

Published: 11th July 2020


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  1. English, Welsh and Irish Scholars in the New Universities of the Continent in the Later Middle Ages (pp 381-401) – Rhun Emlyn

  2. 1603: Multiple Monarchy and Scottish Identity (pp 402-421) – Roger A. Mason (Open access)

  3. ‘The Machine Stops’: E. M. Forster's Esoteric Critique of H. G. Wells’ A Modern Utopia (pp 422-445) – Seamus Flaherty

  4. Foucault's Scholarly Virtues and Sexuality Historiography (pp 446-469) – Alison Downham Moore

  5. State of the Field: The History of Political Thought (pp 470-483) – Danielle Charette and Max Skjönsberg (Open access)

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