Central and Local Government in Scotland Since 1707

Classic Pamphlet

George S. Pryde , last updated: 1st November 2012

Radical Change

This pamphlet provides an interesting approach to a historical topic which has been too frequently covered from a single viewpoint. The pamphlet delivers a thoroughly Scottish approach to the nature of the 1707 Union and the changing nature of Scotland in the following centuries. It highlights the disparity of the effects of the Union of 1707 between the "ripple" in England and the arguably "revolutionary" effect on Scotland, and the development of Scottish internal administration; focussing on the changes in the early 18th century, the Three Reform Acts of the 19th century, the Burgh Reform of the 19th Century, further Parliamentary Reforms in the early 20th and finishing with the nature of Scottish administration in the mid-20th century. Anyone with an interest in Scottish history, especially the Union of 1707, would enjoy this pamphlet.

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