The Evidence of the Casket Letters

Classic Pamphlet

C. Ainsworth Mitchell, last updated: 5th March 2014

Murder, Conspiracy & Mary Stuart

It has been well said that the last word will never be written on the tragedy of Mary Stuart, for her fate presents problems which invite solution from the historians of successive generations, and yet can never be wholly solved, If the charge brought against the Queen of complicity in the murder of her husband, Darnley, has been concerned merely with human passions, it would have no more deserved the close study that has, for more than three centuries, been given to it, than would many of the murder mysteries of to-day; but as it also involved serious political issues and had a pronounced influence upon the course of history, both in Scotland and in England, any fresh light which can be thrown upon it has obviously a range which extends far beyond the crime itself.

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