William Stubbs

Classic Pamphlet

By J. G. Edwards, published 9th October 2015

William Stubbs was among the earliest, and is still one of the greatest of the academical English historians. His life (1825-1901) fell in a period that produced a notable succession of distinguished historians in England. He was the first of them to do his historical work as a resident teacher in a university. Before Stubbs was a Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford (1866-84) it could justifiably be asserted that in England that ablest works in history ‘proceeded from University men indeed, but not, as a rule, from those who were resident, but from the Cabinet Minister, the banker or the county clergyman'. After Stubbs remarkably productive professorship, such a statement would have been out of date. He was academical also I the further sense that his great influence upon historical scholarship in England was mainly exerted in and through the universities...

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