The International Journal Volume 8 Number 1


IJHLTR, last updated: 25th March 2009

Volume 8.1

The International Journal of Historical Learning, Teaching and Research [IJHLTR] was founded to provide an international medium for reporting on History Education.

Articles included in this edition: 

Editorial: History Education, Identity and Citizenship in the 21st Century, Bahri Ata The Turkish prospective History teachers' understanding of analogy in History education, Isabel Barca Identities and History-Portuguese students' accounts, Keith Barton and Alan McCully: When History teaching really matters-Understanding the impact of school intervention on students' neighbourhood learning in Northern Ireland, Júlia Castro: "We, Them and the Others"- Historical thinking and intercultural ideas of Portuguese students, Hilary Cooper and Elizabeth Ditchburn: Folk Tales-Universal values, individual differences, Ismail Demircioglu: Does the teaching of History encourage active citizenship in Turkey? Perceptions of Turkish History Teachers, Erkan Dinç: Can History be a bridge to get Turkey closer to Europe? The possibility of an inclusion of the European dimension in the Turkish History curriculum, Dursun Dilek and Gülçin Gülçin Yapıcı: Trainee History teachers' misinterpretation of sources and a romantic approach to historical understanding- An analysis of examination papers, Yücel Kabapınar: Prospective teachers' ideas about the methodology of Social Sciences/History and purpose of social studies teaching- Evaluation of "Us" through "Others", Linda Levstik: Well-behaved women rarely make History-Gendered teaching and learning in and about History, Olga Magalhaes and Marilia Gago: Crossing Voices-History as seen by Portuguese teachers, Jon Nichol: Constructing identity through the visual image-Memory, Identity, Belonging-History, culture & interpretive frameworks, Gail Weldon: Memory, Identity and the South African History Curriculum Crisis of the 1998 South African National Curriculum-Curriculum 2005, Mustafa Safran: History Teaching in Turkey-From past to present and expectations for the future, Salih Özbaran: History education in its Turkish perspective.

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