The International Journal Volume 9 Number 1

International Journal

Published: 7th July 2010

Volume 9.1

International Journal of Historical Learning, Teaching and Research

Volume 9, Number 1 - July 2010

ISSN 1472-9466

1. Editorial - Hilary Cooper and Jon Nichol

2. Articles

Current reflections - 2010, on John Fines' Educational Objectives for the Study of History:

A Suggested Framework and Peter Rogers' The New History, theory into practice.

Nicola Sheldon

Jeannette Coltham's, John Fines' and Peter Rogers' Historical Association pamphlets:

their relevance to the development of ideas about History teaching today

Peter Lee

Reflections on Coltham's & Fines': Educational objectives for the study of History -

a suggested framework and Peter Rogers': The New History, theory into practice

Hilary Cooper

‘History is like a coral reef': A personal reflection

Kate Hawkey

Response to Coltham & Fines' (1971) Educational Objectives for the Study of History:

a suggested framework; and Rogers' (1979) The New History: theory into practice

Ertu rul Oral ve Kibar Aktın

Coltham & Fınes and P. J. Rogers: their contrıbutıons to History Education - a Turkish perspective

Grant Bage

Rogers and Fines revisited

Terry Haydn

Coltham and Fines' - ‘Educational Objectives for the Study of History': what use or relevance

does this paper have for history education in the 21st Century?

Jon Nichol

John Fines' Educational Objectives for the Study of History (Educational Objectives), Peter

Rogers' New History: Theory into Practice (New History): Their contribution to curriculum

development and research, 1973-2010: a personal view

Arthur Chapman

Reading P. J.Rogers' The New History 30 Years on

3. Debate & Commentary of the 1970s & 1980s

Coltham, J. (1972) Educational Objectives And The Teaching of History TH II, 7, pp. 278-79.

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4. Theory and Practice: Applied Ideas

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5. The Pamphlets: Educational Objectives and The New History

Coltham, J. B. & Fines, J. (1971) Educational Objectives for the Study of History: A suggested

framework The Historical Association.

Rogers, P. J. (1979 ) The New History, theory into practice The Historical Association


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