The International Journal Volume 9 Number 2


Published: 15th March 2011

Volume 9.2

International Journal of Historical Learning, Teaching and Research Volume 9, Number 2 - Autumn/Winter 2010

ISSN 1472-9466


1. Editorial Hilary Cooper and Jon Nichol. 04

2. Articles

Eleni Apostolidou 06

Oscillating Between the Recent Past and the Remote Past: The Perceptions of the Past and the Discipline

of History of Secondary School Teachers in Greece.

Anthony Blake and Gail Edwards, Douglas P. Newton, Lynn D. Newton 15

Some Student Teachers' Conceptions of Creativity in Primary School History.

Hilary Cooper 25

Contemporary English Interpretations of Traditional Russian Folk Tales.

Cherry Dodwell, University of Exeter, England 31

Citizenship, History and the Enquiring Mind: Innovations Using Drama Methodology.

Peter Hillis 36

Establishing Criteria for Instructional Multimedia Design, the Lessons from Scottish History.

Giorgos Kokkinos 51

The Controversial Past and Trauma in History Education. Approaches and Remarks.

Linda S. Levstik 63

Reinventing the Places We Inhabit: Teachers "Reading" Place-Based History.

Elizabeth Pickles 75

Valid Assessment of Students' Use of Historical Sources.

Maria Auxiliadora Moreira dos Santos Schmidt 85

Perspectives of Historical Consciousness and Learning in the Narratives of Brazilian's Young.

Yosanne Vella 94

Some General Indications on Young Children's Historical Thinking when Working with Primary Sources.

Dr. Erkan Yaman 100

Opinions of Prospective Turkish History Teachers on Globalization and History Teaching.

Erinc Erdal 107

Constructing National Identities During the Republican Period in Turkey.

Stuart Foster and Jonathan Howson 119

School History Students' "Big Pictures" of the Past.

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