The International Journal Volume 10 Number 1


By Edited by Hilary Cooper and Jon Nichol, published 4th September 2011

Volume 10.1

International Journal of Historical Learning, Teaching and Research Volume 10, Number 1 - Summer 2011. Editorial 


Jean Pierre Charland, Marc-Andre Ethier,Jean Francois Cardin  History Written on Walls: a study of Quebec High School Students' historical consciousness


Michelle J. Bellino and Robert L. Selman High School Students' Understanding of Personal Betrayal in a Socio-historical Context of Ethnic Conflict: implications for teaching history


Sean Lennon and Jeffrey M. Byford The Wounded Terrorist: a Survey of History Students' Perceptions of Moral Dilemmas


Jannet Van Drie and Carla van Boxtel In Essence I'm Only Reflecting: teaching strategies for fostering historical reasoning through whole-class discussion


Bulent Tarman and Cemalletin Ayas Comparing Issues Surrounding Turkish and Japanese History Books


Sunjoo Kang A Report from Korea: what elementary school teachers want to teach and what they teach in history: a report from Korea


Anthony Blake and Karl Cain History at Risk: a survey into the use of mainstream popular film in the British Secondary School History Classroom


Andy Mansfield The Utilisation of Gobbets for Student-Centred Learning for the Teaching of History at University: a report


Jon Nichol and Penelope Harnett History Teaching in England and the English National History Curriculum 3-11: past, present, into the future

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