The International Journal Volume 1 Number 1


By IJHLTR, published 24th December 2000

Volume 1.1


Old Wine, New Bottles : National Identity, Citizenship and the History Curriculum for the 21st Century



Penelope Harnett - History in the Primary School: Re-Shaping Our Pasts. The Influence of Primary School Teachers' Knowledge and Understanding of History on Curriculum Planning and Implementation.



Laura Capita, Hilary Cooper, Iosif Mogos - History, Children's Thinking and Creativity in the Classroom: English and Romanian Perspectives.


Rob Sieborger - History and the Emerging Nation: The South African Experience


Jacqueline St Clair Dean - Coping with Curriculum Change in South Africa.


Shari Levine Rose - Fourth Graders Theorize Prejudice in American History


Keith Crawford - Researching the Ideological and Political Role of the History Textbook - Issues and Methods


Robert Guyver - Sharon Macdonald (ed) (2000) Approaches to European Historical Consciousness - Reflections and Provocations, Eustory Series: Shaping European History, Vol 1. Hamburg: Körber-Stiftung. ISBN 3 89684 015 0


Petr Baranov - Some Russian Approaches to Civil Education: Problems and Perspectives: The Historical Perspective.


Kate Watson, Kevin O'Connell, Derek Brough - Hyperlink: A Generic Tool for Exploratory and Expressive Teaching and Learning in History


Joke van der Leeuw-Roord - Working with History: National Identity as a Focal Point in European History Education

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