The International Journal Volume 2 Number 2


IJHLTR, last updated: 23rd June 2002

Volume 2.2

International Journal of Historical Learning, Teaching and Research

Volume 2, Number 2 July 2002

Letting the Past Speak


John Fines (1938-1999)

An obituary by Jon Nichol 3

Introduction 5

1 History In Schools

1. What is History for in Schools? 6

2. The Respect that is Owed to the Past 11

3. Making Sense out of the Content of the History Curriculum 16

4. History and the Challenge of Multicultural Education 26

5. Is There No Respect of Pace, Person nor Time in You? 35

6. Strength in Depth 38

7. The Place of History in the third version of the 41

National Curriculum - a discussion document

8. Principles and Practice 45

9. Speaking and Listening: All Aboard a Coach and Three 49

2 Using Sources

1. Reading Historical Documents with Children 51

2. Teaching with Documents: A Personal View 57

3 Imagination - Stories and Drama

1. Imagination in History Teaching 63

2. The Narrative Approach 69

3. The Revival of Narrative in History and the History Classroom 78

4. Stories for Choice: Winners, Cheaters and Surprise Winners 85

5. Looking at History: Learning History through Drama 89

4 Teaching in Museums and Sites of Historic Interest

1 Starters: Using Objects from Museums 97

2 Working with Pictures, Artefacts, Architecture and Landscape:

Nuffield Primary History Project at Petworth 104

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