The International Journal Volume 3 Number 1


By IJHLTR, published 24th January 2003

Volume 3.1

International Journal of Historical Teaching, Learning and Research

Volume 3 Number 1 January 2003


British Island Stories: History, Schools and Nationhood - Robert Phillips



School History, National History and the Issue of National Identity - Ann Low-Beer


Nationalism and the Origins of Prejudice - Cedric Cullingford


History Education and National Identity in Northern Ireland - Keith C. Barton, Alan W. McCully and Margaret Conway


Wales! Wales? Britain! Britain? Teaching and Learning about the History of the British Isles in Secondary Schools in Wales - Alun Morgan and Robert Phillips


White Myths, Black Omissions: the Historical Origins of Racism in Britain - Marika Sherwood


Empire, Englishness and Elementary School History Education, c.1880-1914 - Peter Yeandle


Black and British? History, Identity and Citizenship - Andrew Wrenn


The School History Curriculum in Scotland & Issues of National Identity - Sydney Wood


A Case for National History - Raphael Samuel

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