The International Journal Volume 4 Number 2


By IJHLTR, published 23rd July 2004

Volume 4.2

Jannet van Drie and Carla van Boxtel
Enhancing Collaborative Historical Reasoning by Providing Representational Guidance


Nadine Fink
Pupils' Conceptions of History and History Teaching


Alan Hodkinson
Maturation and the Assimilation of the Concepts of Historical Time: a Symbiotic Relationship, or Uneasy Bedfellows? An Examination of the Birth-Date Effect on Educational Performance in Primary History


Isabel Barca, Olga Magalhaes and Julia Castro
Ideas on History and Orientation in Time: a Study with Beginner Teachers


Rosalyn Ashby
Developing a Concept of Historical Evidence:  Students' Ideas about Testing Singular Factual Claims


Hilary Cooper and Dursun Dilek
Children's Thinking in History: Analysis of a History Lesson Taught to 11 Year Olds at Ihsan Sungu School, Istanbul


Pat Hoodless
Spotting the Adult Agendas: Investigating Primary Children's Awareness of Changing Attitudes and Values through Stories Written for Children in the Past


Doreen Tan
Singapore teachers' Characterisation of Historical Interpretation and Enquiry: Enhancing Pedagogy and Pupils' Historical Understanding


Carla van Boxtel and Jannet Van Drie
Historical Reasoning: A Comparison of how Experts and Novices Contextualise Historical Sources


Richard Harris and Lorraine Foreman-Peck
‘Stepping into Other Peoples' Shoes': Teaching and Assessing Empathy in the Secondary History Curriculum 


Peter Vass
Thinking Skills and the Learning of Primary History: Thinking Historically through Stories

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