The International Journal Volume 5 Number 1


By IJHLTR, published 24th January 2005

Volume 5.1

François Audigier
History in the Curriculum


Nadine Fink
Pupils' Conceptions of History and History Teaching 


Philippe Haeberli
Relating to History: an Empirical Typology


Peter Lee
Historical Literacy


Keith Barton and Alan W. McCully
Learning History and Inheriting the Past: the Interaction of School and Community Perspectives in Northern Ireland


Abilio Daniel García González
The Archaeological Heritage of Gáldar: a Contribution to Maintaining the Identity Roots of Gran Canaria


Rob Siebörger
'What do they Make of 10 Years of Democracy?': Researching the Identity and Skills of Grade 9 History Pupils in Cape Town Schools


Gail Weldon
Post-Apartheid South Africa, Education and Society


Orhan Akinoglu
History Education and Identity

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