The International Journal Volume 5 Number 2


By IJHLTR, published 23rd July 2005

Volume 5.2


Lieke van Wijk
The Learning and Teaching of History in Europe: EUROCLIO's Enquiries Compared


Peter Brett
Citizenship and the National Curriculum


Jerome Freeman
The Current State of the 4-19 History Curriculum in England and Possible Future Developments: a QCA Perspective


Jon Nichol
From Russia with Love: a History Curriculum for the 21st Century


Lidija Radulovićand Vera Rajović
How to Teach History Students about School Failure and Cultural Diversity


Maria Auxiliadora Schmidt and Tania Braga Garcia
Teaching History Based on Documents from the Family Archives: a Social Experiment with Brazilian Children


Dursun Dilek and Gulcin Yapici
The Use of Stories in the Teaching of History


Stuart Foster
The British Empire and Commonwealth in World War II: Selection and Omission in English History Textbooks

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