The International Journal Volume 10 Number 2


HA, last updated: 11th April 2012

Volume 10.2

International Journal of Historical Learning, Teaching and Research Volume 10, Number 2- Spring 2012.  


Marcelo Fronza and Maria Auxiliadora Moreira dos Santos The Conceptions of Objective Historical Knowledge of Young Students in Brazilian High Schools


Olga Magalhaes Historical Narratives of Young Portuguese Students


Rita de Cassia Goncalves Pacheco dos Santos and Maria Auxiliadora Moreira dos Santos The Concept of the Past for Teachers of History and the History Textbooks National Programme 2008


Marilu Favarin Marin and Maria Auxiliadora Moreira dos Santos The Link Between Theory and Practice in the Training of History Teachers: the experience of history teaching laboratories


Luciano de Azambuja and Maria Auxiliadora Moreira dos Santos ‘I learned to think that Music is also History' The song goes to school: a perspective of historical education


Peter Lee Walking backwards into tomorrow' Historical consciousness and understanding history


Reports: Tony Taylor and Robert Guyver A Review Essay on the History Wars: ten case studies in controversy*

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