The International Journal Volume 11, Number 1


HA, last updated: 4th December 2012

Volume 11.1



Eleni Apostolidou Teaching and Discussing Historical Significance with 15 year-old students in Greece

Manuela Carvalho and Isabel Barca Students' Use of Historical Evidence in European Countries

P. Checkley and C. Checkley ‘Future Teachers of the Past' - An initial analysis of Initial Teacher Training students and their preparation to teach Primary History

Marc Andre Ethier, David Lefrancois Francis Dupuis-Deri and Stephenie Demers New Textbooks and the Twenty first century Programmes for Middle and High Schools: an analysis of history textbooks from Quebec

Harry Havekes, Carla von Boxtel, Peter-Arno Coppen and Johan Luttenburg Knowing And Doing History: A Contextual Framework And Pedagogy For Teaching Historical Contextualisation

Terence Honing, Wout Claessens and Wilfried Admiraal Effects of the Use of Concept Maps on Historical Overview Knowledge

Danijela Trskan City Squares - A Project Involving Swedish, Italian And Slovenian Upper Secondary Schools - The Role Of Common Localities In Establishing Historical Links Across Europe

Georg Kokkinos, Eleni Stephanou and Zeta Papandreou Greek Society's Confrontation with the Traumas Caused by National Socialism: the case of the Distomo Massacre June 10th. 1944

Kieren Lusted Does Early Years Education have a Role in Creating Children's Notion of Difference and Diversity

Mary N. Ntabeni Lesotho Government Policies and History Education in the twenty-first Century

Danijela Trskan Past into Present: Civic Education And Citizenship In Slovenian History Curricula

Arthur Chapman 'They' have come to differing opinions because of their differing interpretations: Developing 16-19 year-old English Students' Understandings of Historical Interpretation through On-line Inter-institutional Discussion

Alexander Maxwell Provincialism and Cosmopolitanism in University History Teaching: A Ten-Country Sample of Course Offerings

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