The International Journal Volume 13, Number 1


Published: 15th February 2016



Croatia: Achieving The Objectives Of The European Dimension Through History: An Analysis Of Croatian And Bosnian-Herzegovinian Fourth Grade Gymnasium History Textbooks - Rona Bušljeta, University of Zagreb

Slovenia Learning from History Textbooks - is it challenging for gifted students. An International Comparative Analysis of Questions and Tasks - Mojca Kukanja Gabrijelčič, University of Primorska

Greece A New ‘Old-Fashioned' Primary Education Textbook For Greece: Going Backwards After The Conflict - Andreas P. Andreou and Kostas Kasvikis, University of Western Macedonia

Austria ‘Be Welcome In Your Country My Lords' - The Story Of Quetzalcoatl And The Spanish Gods In Textbooks As A Spanish Construction To Justify The Conquest - Roland Bernhard, University of Saltzburg

Malta How Do Students Learn History? The Problem With Teaching History As Part Of An Integrated, Interdisciplinary Or Cross Curricular Pedagogical Approach - Yosanne Vella, Faculty of Education, University of Malta

The Netherlands ‘Just Imagine ...': Students' Perspectives On Empathy Tasks In Secondary History Education - Tessa de Leur, Carla Van Boxtel and Arie Wilschut, University of Amsterdam

England Individual Assignment In A Level History: An Example Of Self-Regulated Learning In Sixth Form Colleges - David William Stoten, University of Northumbria

Florida USA The Inclusion Of Women's History In The Secondary Social Studies Classroom - Cicely Scheiner-Fisher, Seminole County Schools and William B. Russell, University of Central Florida

Malta Raising Performance In History Teaching While Improving Secondary Students' Essay Writing Skills - Yosanne Vella and Roseline Caruana, University of Malta

Slovenia Past Into Future: Initial Training Of History Teachers In The Faculty Of Arts, University Of Ljubljana From 1945 - Danijela Trskan, University of Ljubljana

Reviews Gerritsen, A. and Giorgio, R. (2015) Writing Material Culture History London: Bloomsbury Academic - Hilary Cooper

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