The International Journal Volume 14, Number 1


Published: 20th December 2016


Editorial and Editorial Review pp 5–12

National, International, Local And Regional History Curricula – Issues And Concerns pp 16–66

Australia pp 16–27 Resisting The Regime: An Insider’s View Of Australian History Education 2006–2014 Tony Taylor, University of Technology Sydney/Federation University Australia, Ultimo, Sydney/Churchill, Victoria

Greece pp 28–54 The Traumatic Memory Of The Holocaust. Reflection On Theory And Practice: From European Institutions And Pioneer Practices To The Case Of Greece George Kokkinos, Aegean University, Rhodes, Vassiliki Sakka, School Consultant / Researcher, University of Peloponese

Spain pp 55–66 Invisible Landscapes – Heritage In Conflict: Memories Of The Spanish Civil War: Elementary Education And Teacher Training Andrés Domínguez Almansa, University of Santiago de Compostela Ramón López Facal, University of Santiago de Compostela

Implementing The History Curriculum pp 67–112

The Netherlands pp 67–80 Toward A Global Past? The Presence Of World History In Dutch History Textbooks And History Teaching Tim Huijgen, University of Groningen Henri Abbring, Luzac College, Groningen Ronald Bokdam, Dollard College, Oude Pekela Marije Brouwer, Drachtster Lyceum, Drachten Durk-Rein Lolkema, Topsport Talentschool, Groningen and Fenneke Reinders, RSG De Borgen, Leek

Switzerland pp 81–92 “The Revolution Is Not Over Yet” – German Speaking Ninth Graders’ Conceptions Of The French Revolution Christian Mathis School for Teacher Education, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Northwestern Switzerland, Liestal

United Kingdom pp 93–112 My Empire Is Of The Imagination: History Student Perceptions Of The British Empire In Secondary School A.D. Burns, University of Leicester, Leicester

Considerations Of Pedagogy And Didactics pp 113–62

Australia pp 113–23 Filmic Pedagogies In The Teaching Of History: Research On And Recommendations For Using Video In The Classroom Debra Donnelly, University of Newcastle, Australia

United Kingdom pp 124–36 Manners, Position and History: Defining the Museum and Its Role in Learning Christine Smith, Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool

Portugal pp 137–54 The Potentialities Of Using Historical Fiction And Legends In History Teaching A Study With Portuguese Primary Education Students Glória Solé, Diana Reis and Andreia Machado, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal

United States of America pp 155–62 Elementary Social Studies: A Survey Of What 3rd, 4th And 5th Grade Students’ Like And Dislike About Social Studies Instruction William B. Russell III, University of Central Florida Stewart Waters, University of Tennessee