History 368

The Journal of the Historical Association, Volume 105, Issue 368

Published: 16th December 2020


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  1. An Experiment in extremity: The Portrayal of Violence in Robert the Monk's Narrative of the First Crusade (pp 719-750) – Thomas Asbridge

  2. Gender, Authority and the Image of Queenship in English and Scottish Ballads, 1553–1603 (pp 751-772) – Jenni Hyde

  3. Carl von Clausewitz and his Philosophy of War: The Evolution of a Reputation, 1831–2021 (pp 773-805) – R. Gerald Hughes

  4. ‘I do feel good because my stomach is full of good hotcakes’: Comfort Food, Home and the USAAF in East Anglia during the Second World War (pp 806-824) – Derwin Gregory, Carola Wayne (Open Access)

  5. ‘With a Spirited East Prussian Thirst for Action’: Constructs of an East Prussian Identity and Narratives of Forced Migrants’ Everyday Lives in Expellee Heimat Periodicals (pp 825-850) – Arddun Arwyn

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