History 377

The Journal of the Historical Association, Volume 107, Issue 377

Published: 13th September 2022


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  1. William of Tyre, Translatio Imperii and the Genesis of the First Crusade: Or, the Challenges of Writing History (pp 624-650) – Andrew D. Buck

  2. Honour, Memory and Lineage: Remembering the English Civil War through Funeral Memorials (pp 651-671) – Cheryl Kerry

  3. In Love with Social Order: William Allen and the ‘Science’ and ‘Art’ of Early Nineteenth-Century British Philanthropy (pp 672-696) – Matilde Cazzola (Open Access)

History in Focus: War and Disability

  1. Pride and Privilege? New Approaches to War Disability in the Twentieth Century (pp 697-706) – Sebastian Schlund, Stephanie Wright (Open Access)

  2. Privileged Injuries: Defining Disability Among Veterans Of The Irish Revolution (1916–1923) (pp 707-726) – Marie Coleman (Open Access)

  3. Mentally Maimed, Differently Treated. Attitudes Towards Mentally Disabled Civil War Veterans in Finland 1918–39 (pp 727-746) – Virva Liski (Open Access)

  4. ‘An Elite Among the Disabled’. The Welfare State and Identity Formation of Disabled Veterans in post-war West Germany (pp 747-764) – Sebastian Schlund (Open Access)

  5. ‘Heroes to anonymous pensioners’: Francisco Franco's ‘mutilated gentlemen’ and the erosion of veteran privilege in Spain's transition to democracy (pp 765-788) – Stephanie Wright (Open Access)

  6. State of the Field: Disability History (pp 789-811) – Daniel Blackie, Alexia Moncrieff (Open Access)

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