History 379-380

The Journal of the Historical Association, Volume 107, Issue 379-380

Published: 2nd April 2023


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  1. Jacques de Vitry (d. 1240) and the Religious Life of his Time (pp 3-19) – Robert Bartlett (Open Access)

  2. Alienated Outsider or Integrated Courtier? Edward Stafford, Third Duke of Buckingham, 1498–1521 and the Royal Court (pp 20-40) – James Ross (Open Access)

  3. The Missing Generation: Grandparents and Agency in Early Modern England (pp 41-63) – Bernard Capp

  4. Geography, Race, and Nation, in Agostino Codazzi's Transatlantic Experiences (1793–1859) (pp 64-86) – Federica Morelli

  5. Free Trade without Words: Popular Public Rituals and Corn Law Repeal in the Early 1840s (pp 87-107) – Masahiro Konishi (Open Access)

  6. Stalinist political spectacle and the defeat of the opposition: The Fifteenth Congress of the Soviet Communist Party in 1927 (pp 108-130) – Junya Takiguchi

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