Primary History 51

The primary education journal of the Historical Association

By HA, published 19th July 2009

'Doing archaeology' with children.

04 Editorial

06 In my view: Bringing the past to life – Julian Richards (Read article)

07 In my view: The true end of archaeology? – Don Henson (Read article)

08 in my view: Our heritage: use it or lose it – Mike Corbishley (Read article)

10 Think Bubble: Instant Archaeology – Peter Vass

11 Archaeology – A View from the Classroom – Cathie McIlroy (Read article)

12 Children’s thinking in archaeology – Hilary Cooper (Read article)

14 Nuffield Primary History and classroom archaeology – Jacqui Dean

16 Case Study 1: Prehistory in the primary curriculum: a Stonehenge experience to remember – Lucy Bradley (Read article)

18 Case Study 2: Engaging history with National Trust tracker packs – Caroline Searle (Read article)

21 Case Study 3: Classroom archaeology – Sutton Hoo, or the mystery of the empty grave – Jon Nichol (Read article)

25 Case Study 4: Working with gifted and talented children at an Iron Age hill fort in North Somerset – Julia Dauban with John Crossland (Read article)

27 Case Study 5: School children work as archaeologists – Margaret Bunyard (Read article)

29 History Coordinators’ Dilemmas: Archaeology – Tim Lomas

31 Archaeology and Early Years: The Noah’s Ark Experience – Bev Forrest and Dave Weldrake (Read article)

34 Resources for ‘doing archaeology’ with children – Jacqui Dean

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