Primary History 56: History & Literacy

The primary education journal of the Historical Association

By HA, published 7th December 2010

04 Editorial: History is Literacy: Pupils 'Doing History' with printed and written sources

05 In my view: Reading the Past: Written and printed sources - John Fines (Read article)

08 In my view: Difficult and challenging reading: Genre, text and multi-modal sources - text breaker - Jon Nichol (Read article)

10 Printed pictures with text: Using cartoons as historical evidence - Jane Card (Read article)

12 Doing history in the early years and foundation stage: Developing early historical understanding through the promotion of talk and thinking skills using a picturebook - Christine Screech (Read article)

14 Local history: young children using written, printed and multimodal sources - Jo Barkham (Read article)

16 Why did you write it like a story rather than just saying the information? - Penelope Harnett (Read article)

18 Using classic fiction to support the study of childhood in Victorian times - Ann Cowling (Read article)

20 Think Bubble: Provisional knowledge - Peter Vass

21 ‘Doing History' with written and printed sources: Overview and summary

22 Planning primary history: 2010/11 Academic Year - Tim Lomas

23 Written and printed sources

24 Update

25 Using a range of sources of information, including written sources, to create historical resources: working with trainee teachers - Sarah Whitehouse

28 Case study 1: learning to engage with documents through role play - Hilary Cooper (Read article)

31 Case study 2: Reading sources using textbreaker: theory into practice. The end of Roman Britain: a picture and a difficult and challenging text - Jon Nichol (Read article)

34 Case study 3: reading sources and bringing the past to life: comics, the Mr Men and Plutarch's Archimedes - Cathie McIlroy (Read article)

36 Case study 4: bringing an information text to life: pets in the Blitz - Ruth Cuhls (Read article)

38 Case study 5: dig it: literacy, ICT, archaeology and history - Marion Green (Read article)

40 A view from the classroom - Cathie Mcllroy

41 Case study 6: the passing of Harry Patch: an integrated literacy and history unit of work - Jane Carter (Read article)

44 Resources, reading and Internet Links - Jacqui Dean 

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