Primary History 65


By HA, published 28th November 2013

Diversity and Inclusion...


04 Inclusion & Diversity - Jon Nichol

05 History belongs to all of us - Diversity and the History Curriculum - Ilona Aronovsky

12 Diversity in primary history: exemplar lessons: HA publications 2000-2013 and Nuffield Primary History - Sarah Codrington

14 Including the Muslim Contribution in the National Curriculum for History - Dr. Matthew L.N. Wilkinson

15 Inclusion, diversity and the national curriculum: Are things better than they were? - Tim Lomas

16 Michael Gove's history wars - Sir Richard J. Evans



18 Slavery in Britain and the portrait of Dido Belle and Lady Elizabeth Murray - Jane Card

20 The world on the wall: exploring diversity on Hadrian's Wall - Barbara Birley and Lynne Minett

22 "Why are you so angry grace?" Teaching and learning about Grace O'Malley as a significant woman at Key Stage 1 - Alison Gove-Humphries, Paul Bracey and Darius Jackson


Case Studies

26 Mesopotamia: Making a picture of Mesopotamia in our heads - Caroline Meller

29 THE JOURNEY: World War II evacuees and Kindertransport - working with the Holocaust Centre - Carole Turner

31 The Victoria and Albert Museum's Schools Special educational Needs Programme: multi-sensory exploration of historical objects from around the world - Cara Williams

33 Diversity, ethnicity and the Victorians - Alison Mott

35 Teaching diversity through drama at the Museum of London: Stories of London people - Nina Sprigge and Kirsty Sullivan

39 History through connecting classrooms in Bradford and Peshawar , Pakistan - Dianne Excell


Professional Development

41 Towards inclusion: A study of significant figures and disability within the national curriculum - Bev Forrest

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