The Historian 120: The calm before the storm? The World in 1913

The magazine of the Historical Association

By HA, published 6th February 2014

In this issue of The Historian

5 Editorial

6 The Romanov Tercentenary: nostalgia versus history on the eve of the Great War Catherine Merridale

12 The world in 1913: friendly societies Daniel Weinbren

17 The President's Column

18 Franz Ferdinand Ian F. W. Beckett

23 Round About A Pound A Week Alf Wilkinson

24 India in 1914 Seán Lang

29 The Yeomanry, 1913 Timothy Bowman

33 Each man's life was worth 1sh 1d 1/2d! Alf Wilkinson

36 HA Tours

38 My Favourite History Place The Beamish Museum Julie Wilson

39 H H Asquith in ten tweets Paula Kitching

41 Out and About in Letchworth Trevor James

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