Teaching History 54


By HA, published 2nd January 1989

Computers & History

Editorial 2

Historical Association News 3


Computers in Secondary School History Teaching: an HMI view - Carole Baker and lain Paterson 7

Supporting the Future - MESU and the History Teacher - Sue Bennett 10

An Introduction to Computers in the History Classroom - John Simkin 12

GCSE Course Work Assignments and the Microcomputer - Simon Womack 15

Analysing Victorian Census Data on Computer - Tom Arkell 18

Spreadsheets and Census Data - Steve Rogers 26

Bromsgrove People - A Computer Assisted GCSE Coursework Assignment - David Martin 28

Cromer - Using QUEST - Mike Page 30

The Computer in the Corner - at the Congress of Vienna - Sean Lang 32

Conference Report - John Wilkes and Frances Blow 35

Review Article: Recent Work on the Origins of the French Revolution Jeremy Black 36


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