Teachng History 40


By HA, published 3rd October 1984

Historical Consciousness and Identity

Editorial 2

`On Monday I Took Back the Armour and the Video's, Ross Lee and Richard Davis 3

Committed Historiography and History Teaching in Nigerian Secondary Schools, Noel A. Ihebuzor 8

Report: Historical Consciousness and Identity, Charles Hannam 11

The European Dimension and German History, T.C. Lewis 12

Outstanding History Teachers: N.B.C. Lucas, Charles Hannam 18

Report: The Historical Association's 1983 Survey on the Teaching of History, Martin Booth 20

The Development of a Common 16+ Examination for the School Council History 13-16 Project, J. Wilmut and A.J. Boddington 22

Computer Update 26

Radio News 29

Report: Let History Judge, Elizabeth Cleaver 29

News 30

Comment: The Dudley Project `Childrens' Awareness of the Past', John West 32

The Resources for Learning Developments Unit, Avon, John Simpson 33

News from the HA 34

Reviews 36

The Contributors 47

Short Notices 48

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