Primary History 34: What the Dickens?

The primary education journal of the Historical Association

Published: 31st May 2003

Some views of the Victorians

3 Editorial

4 Primary Noticeboard

6 In My View: Enjoying a good story – Paul Bracey

9 Breadth, Balance and the Literacy Hour – Roger Beard

11 “But why did Guy Fawkes try to blow up the king, Miss?” Investigating support for explanatory understanding in primary history books – A. Blake, L.D. Newton, D.P. Newton, K. Brown

15 History co-ordinators’ dilemmas – Tim Lomas, Jayne Woodhouse

17 What The Dickens? Some Views Of The Victorians – Professor Michael Rose

22 Stories and National Identity – Eda Maripu (Read article)

24 Questions you have always wanted to ask about… Accessing Archive Sources – Mary Mills (Read article)

26 Is there a place for the computer in Primary History? – Ben Walsh

30 Book for the Literacy Hour – Jo Barkham

32 Reviews – Rick Weights, Roy Hughes

34 Grace O’Malley, alias Granuaile, pirate & politician, c. 1530-1603 – Sandra Kirkland and Maria Wykes (Read article)

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