The Historian 124: Friend or Foe?

The magazine of the Historical Association

Published: 9th March 2015


4 Reviews

5 Editorial

6 An interview with Linda Colley (Watch the interview)

11 The President's Column

12 Friend or foe? Foreigners in England in the later Middle Ages - Mark Ormrod (Read Article)

18 Daniel Defoe, public opinion and the Anglo-Scottish Union - Ted Vallance (Read Article)

23 Memorial Oaks at Wolsingham School - Robert Hopkinson (Read Article)

24 Will China Democratise? Some answers from history - Michael T. Davis (Read Article)

30 Home Rule for Ireland - For and against - Matthew Kelly (Read Article)

36 HA Tours

38 My Favourite History Place: Weimar - Neil Taylor (Read Article)

39 The Flags of the United Kingdom in ten tweets - Paula Kitching

40 News from 59a

41 Out and About Pedalling after Alfred - Dave Martin (Read Article)

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