History 336

The Journal of the Historical Association

Published: 26th July 2014

Volume 99, Issue 336: Jul 2014



1. Introduction: Human Rights and the History of Violence in the Early British Empire (pages 383-402) - Brendan Kane


1. The Deep Roots of Albion's Fatal Tree: The Tudor State and the Monopoly of Violence (pages 403-417) - Andy Wood

2. Organized Violence in the Elizabethan Monarchical Republic (pages 418-443) - Malcolm Smuts

3.  Ordinary Violence? Ireland as Emergency in the Tudor State (pages 444-467) - Brendan Kane

4. ‘As lief to the gallows as go to the Irish wars': Human Rights and the Abuse of the Elizabethan Soldier in Ireland, 1600-1603 (pages 468-486) - Vincent Carey

5. ‘Realms so barbarous and cruell': Writing Violence in Early Modern Ireland and England (pages 487-504) - Sarah Covington

6. Violence on the Fringes: The Virginia (1622) and Amboyna (1623) Massacres (pages 505-529) - Alison Games

7. Is ‘Genocide' an Anachronistic Concept for the Study of Early Modern Mass Killing? (pages 530-548) - Ben Kiernan

8. ‘The Character of Contemporary History': Human Rights History and Early Modern Violence (pages 549-565) - Glenn Mitoma


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