Teaching History 118: Re-thinking Differentiation


By HA, published 27th March 2005

Re-thinking Differentiation

05 Does differentiation have to mean different? – Richard Harris (Read article)

13 Engaging with each other: how interactions between teachers inform professional practice – Simon Letman (Read article)

17 Seeing, hearing and doing the Rennaissance (Part 2) – Maria Osowiecki (Read article)

26 Polychronicon: Henry VII: Diligent bureaucrat or paranoid blunderer? (Read article)

28 Circles, anchors and finger puppets: how visual learning in ‘A’ Level history can improve memory and conceptual understanding – Steve Garnett (Read article)

34 Mixing a G&T cocktail: teaching about heritage through a cross-curricular enquiry – Neal Watkin and Johannes Ahrenfelt (Read article)

40 Move Me On: finding the connection between fun and serious learning (Read article)

44 ‘Do we have to read all of this?’ Encouraging students to read for understanding – David Hellier and Helen Richards (Read article)

49 Mummy, mummy…

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