History 351

The Journal of the Historical Association

Published: 31st July 2017


  1. Disciplinary Ordinances for English Armies and Military Change, 1385–1513 (pages 361–385) Andrew Martinez
  2. Saving Republics by Moving Republicans: Britain, Ireland and ‘New Geneva’ During the Age of Revolutions (pages 386–413) Richard Whatmore
  3. The Religious ‘Persecutions’ in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and British Sympathy for Italian Nationalism, 1851–1853 (pages 414–431) O. J. Wright
  4. Classical Sociology and the First World War: Weber, Durkheim, Simmel and Scheler in the Trenches (pages 432–449) Vittorio Cotesta
  5. Revolutionary Fundraising and Global Networks: A Micro-Economic Approach to the Social Meaning of Money and Mobilization before the Second World War (pages 450–478) Frank Wolff

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