Primary History 81

The primary education journal of the Historical Association

Published: 13th March 2019

In this edition of Primary History

04 Editorial (Read article)

05 HA Primary News

08 Riding along on my pushbike… exploring transport in EYFS – Helen Crawford (Read article)

11 Three first-class ladies – teaching significant individuals in Key Stage 1: Harriet Quimby, Hilda Hewlett and Bessie Coleman – Karin Doull (Read article)

17 Assessment and feedback in history – Alun Morgan (Read article)

20 It worked for me: investing in dialogue as a tool for assessment – Sarah Winser (Read article)

23 Resources for courses: some illuminating ideas for your history curriculum, and where to find them – Helen Crawford and Rebecca Iddon (Read article)

26 The Blitz: All we need to know about World War II? Relating an event to a Bigger Picture of the Past – Paul Bracey (Read article)

33 Trade and pilgrimage in the Abbasid Caliphate – Karin Doull (Read article)

40 Ideas for assemblies: LGBT History Month – Gary Pykitt and Damienne Clarke (Read article)

42 Rethinking the Stone Age to Bronze Age – Alf Wilkinson (Read article)

46 Teaching local history through a family – Tim Lomas (Read article)

52 One of my favourite history places – Linda Cooper (Read article)

54 History in the news

55 The back cover image: Lest we forget – Jules Kensett Wooding (Read article)

Plus Pull-out Posters:

What was it like to be a child in World War II?
Images of three pilots

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