Teaching History 175: Listening to Diverse Voices

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Published: 24th June 2019

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02 Editorial (Read article)

03 HA Secondary news

04 HA update

08 Did the Bretons break? Planning increasingly complex ‘causal models’ at Key Stage 3 – Matthew Stanford (Read article)

16 From ‘Great Women’ to an inclusive curriculum: how should women’s history be included at Key Stage 3? – Susanna Boyd (Read article)

24 What’s The Wisdom On... Causation NEW FEATURE (Read article

28 a b c D e? Teaching Year 9 to take on the challenge of structure in narrative – Rachel Foster and Kath Goudie (Read article)

40 1069 and all that: the dialogic dimensions of knowing and understanding the Norman legacy in Chester – Michael Bird and Tom Wilson (Read article)

51 Going way beyond the exam in order to do better in the exam: using an anthology of substantial sources at GCSE – Liam Mcdonnell (Read article)

64 Cunning Plan... for using the England's Immigrants database – Diana Laffin (Read article)

66 Polychronicon: Paris 1919 – a century on – David Reynolds (Read article)

68 Confronting conflicts: history teachers’ reactions to spontaneous controversial remarks – Bjorn Wansink, Jaap Patist, Itzél Zuiker, Geerte Savenije and Paul Janssenswillen (Read article)

76 Move Me On: paying enough attention to why particular topics and approaches have been included within schemes of work (Read article)

80 Mummy, Mummy...

Regular features

Teaching History includes a number of regular features for history teachers including New, Novice or Nervous?, Polychronicon, Cunning Plan and Move Me On. You can access past editions of these here

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