Liz Kellaway's Top Tips


By Liz Kellaway, published 2nd March 2008

" If you are close enough to a university library and the university is willing, try to take A level students there for research on their individual assignments and general extended reading. Often sixth formers are allowed to use the university library as a reference library. This is really useful as they are able to see whether a book is relevant or not to their work before they order it through their local library. The sixth formers enjoy having a taste of university life and the university may attract more students by allowing them to do this.

" Develop links with your local university History Department. You may be able to arrange to take students to hear a lecture or to invite a member of the History Department in to your school.

" Encourage students to peer mark. If they are provided with a clear mark scheme they can usually give work an accurate mark which can be moderated later by their teacher. I find this encourages pupils to think about the level of their work and it gives them an opportunity to see other pupils' work.

" Show some short video clips with the sound turned down to get pupils engaged and to question what is going on. The film clip of Emily Davison being mown down on Derby Day works well with Year 9.

" Give pupils thinking time before getting them to answer a question - particularly if it is a big one.

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