Progression - more than 'could do better'?


By Author: Alison Webb. Web Editor: Simon Brown, published 8th January 2010

Some notion of progression underpins all teaching as well as curriculum, course design, work scheme construction lesson planning, evaluation and assessment.  But what do we mean by progression and how do we help our students achieve it? Does our assessment reflect progression? Do our reports to parents comment on progression? In this E-CPD resource, we are going to explore the notion and models of progression in History teaching.

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1. What do we mean by progression?

  • 1. What do we mean by progression?
  • 1.1 Is there a difference between 'progress' and 'progression'?

2. Models of progression.

  • 2. Some models of Progression.
  • 2.1 Professionally constructed models of progression - how we use ideas of progression in the classroom.

3. Research based models of Progression.

  • 3. Research based models of Progression.