Recorded Webinar: Writing historical fiction - Research and planning 

By Tony Bradman, published 27th April 2023

Writing historical fiction - Research and planning

In this first webinar about writing historical fiction, author Tony Bradman will talk about how ideas grow from reading and thinking about history. Once you have a good idea, then you need to research it properly, starting with secondary sources for context, then moving on to more specific reading. Visits to museums, galleries, sites of historical interest can all help. Tony will also talk about whether it’s worth looking at primary sources, and most importantly, how to assess the quality and usefulness of any sources you use. Tony is also a believer in planning your story, and he will outline how he does this - developing the central character and working out the structure and plot of the story, its beginning, middle and end.

This webinar was recorded on 9 February 2023. View the second webinar on Writing and revision.

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