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By HA, published 4th June 2015

The helpful guide below sets out links to a range of podcasts, articles and pamphlets that will provide subject knowledge guidance that you may find useful for all of the identified thematic topics of the  GCSE specifications. In addition there are also links to helpful articles dealing with bigger picture history, overview and continuity and change. 


GCSE Thematic Study Links

Bigger picture history and teaching change and continuity over time.

New, Novice or Nervous? Teaching Overview

Tales: Developing students' own thematic and synoptic understandings at Key Stage 3. Aimed at KS3 - but good advice.

Change and Continuity - Selected Articles

Transforming Year 11's conceptual understanding of change

Historical Perspective & 'Big History'


Medicine: Selected Articles.

HA Podcast: Medieval Medicine

Topic Pack: Medicine through Time: What do I need to know?

NHS Reform Timeline

Continuity in the treatment of mental health through time

Anorexia Nervosa in the nineteenth century

Crime and Punishment :

Crime and Punishment Selected Articles

HA Podcast: Crime & Punishment - Factors and Time Periods

HA Podcast: Crime and Punishment - Roman to Early Modern

HA Podcast: The Bloody Code - Early Modern Crime and Punishment

HA Podcast: Roman Crime and Punishment

Topic Pack: Crime and Punishment Through Time


Power and Democracy

The Norman Conquest: why did it matter?

HA Podcast Series:  Social & Political Change in the UK 1800-present: Part 1. Politics, Reform and War

England Arise! The General Election of 1945

HA Podcasted History: William I to Henry VII

HA Podcast Series: James VI & I to Anne

The Great Revolt of 1381

Reinventing the Charter: from Sir Edward Coke to ‘freeborn John'

Magna Carta and the development of the British constitution

The Great Charter: Then and Now

An English Absolutism? The Later Stuart Monarchy 1660-88

Parliament and Votes for Women

HA Podcast Series: Social & Political Change in the UK 1800-present: Part 2. The Women's Movement

Suffragettes in the Dock

The Reformed Electoral System in Great Britain, 1832-1914


HA Podcast: The Legacy of Chartism

Queen Anne

HA Podcast: Parliamentary Politics in the 18th Century

Radicalism and its Results, 1760-1837

The National Insurance Act 1911: three perspectives, one policy

Limited Monarchy in Great Britain in the Eighteenth Century

The Origins of Parliament

Towards Reform in 1809

HA Podcast: Politics in England Through Time


HA Podcast Series: England's Immigrants 1330-1550

When were Jews in medieval England most in danger?

HA Podcast Series: Social & Political Change in the UK 1800-present: Part 3 Diversity - A Changing Population

Cunning Plan - Exploring the Migration experience...

Britain was our home': Helping Years 9, 10, and 11 to understand the black experience of the Second World War

Uncovering the hidden histories: black and Asian people in the two world wars

Identity shakers: cultural encounters and the development of pupils' multiple identities

You Should Be Proud of Your History. They Make You Feel Ashamed. Teaching History Hurts.

Seeing a Different Picture: Exploring Migration Through The Lens of History

Lesson Plan: Immigration to Britain

Social & Political Change in the UK 1800-present: Part 5 Religion



Britain and the Cold War

Podcast: Cold War, Germany and the Berlin Wall

HA Podcasted History: The Cold War

Gary Sheffield: Origins of the First World War

Teaching History 155: Teaching About The First World War

The Domestic Impact of World War I

Joan of Arc: Woman Warrior Witch

The Origins of the Second Great War

Polychronicon: The Wars of the Roses

War, Society and the State in Early Modern Europe

HA Podcast: The Falklands War

Edward the Confessor and the Norman Conquest

India and the British War Effort 1939-45

The Second World War

The Coming of the First World War

Magna Carta and the Origins of Parliament

The Armada Campaign of 1588


The Jacobites

Historical Events in 10 Tweets: The Crimean War

Henry V

Modern Ireland Podcasts

Assessing the Battle of Waterloo in the Classroom

Napoleon: The First Consul and Emperor of the French

HA Podcast Series: From the French Revolution to the fall of Napoleon

HA Podcast Series: The Vikings

The Vikings in Britain

How Nelson Became a Hero

The Press and the Public during the Boer War

The Norman Conquest: Why Did It Matter?

Norman Barons