Film Series: Active Learning & History

By Helen Snelson, Ruth Lingard & Richard Kerridge, published 20th November 2023

Active learning strategies are engaging but, far more importantly, they make history learning memorable, they encourage resilience and independence, and they are an excellent way to make complex history accessible for all. When used with clear purpose and with knowledge of specific students' needs, they are a tried and tested way to make history accessible for students of all levels of prior attainment. The filmed examples presented here model a variety of active teaching and learning strategies with carefully crafted teacher talk.

The short films are divided into three overlapping categories: building a sense of place and space, cracking concepts, and deep disciplinary thinking. 

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  • Introduction

Building a sense of place and space

  • Introduction
  • Generations
  • Pace of Change
  • Tabards 1: The Wives of Henry VIII
  • Tabards 2: When was the best time to be a germ?
  • Chronicles
  • Floor geography

Cracking concepts

  • Introduction
  • Harvest failure
  • Carbolic spray
  • Hot seating
  • Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Scripted drama

Deep disciplinary thinking

  • Introduction
  • 1066: Race to the throne
  • Je Suis Le Roi
  • Washing line pegs: change and continuity
  • Monarchs over time