Recorded webinar: Making the most out of Holocaust Memorial Day: challenges and opportunities

By Helen McCord, Tom Palmer and Anne Sutehall

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2024

Since 2001 the UK has marked Holocaust Memorial Day on 27th January, the date of the 'liberation' of Auschwitz Birkenau by Soviet soldiers in 1945. History teachers and their colleagues are often asked to 'mark' HMD in their schools. In this webinar we will explore themes of commemoration and education and how we can best support you and your colleagues in this endeavour. The webinar is presented by Helen McCord (Lecturer, UCL Centre for Holocaust Education), Anne Sutehall (Head of Humanities, Oakmoor School, UCL Centre for Holocaust Education Beacon School Quality Mark) and Tom Palmer (author of After the War: from Auschwitz to Ambleside, HA Young Quills winner for historical fiction 2021)

This webinar was originally recorded for a secondary teacher audience.