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The most effective professional development happens over a period of time, over several sessions and allows time for implementation and time for reflection about the thinking and ideas that it has stimulated. There are many different approaches to professional development. At the Historical Association we are continuing to develop flexible professional development opportunities to suit all budgets, needs and timescales. In this section you'll find details of all our available opportunities. This area will be regularly updated as new CPD opportunities become available, so don't forget to keep it bookmarked. 

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  • Your HA Webinar Calendar 2020: Covid-19 update

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    Primary webinars | Secondary | Student | General interest We know that it's not easy for teachers to get out of school or have budgets to afford a plentiful supply of CPD under normal circumstances. At present we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation and we know that while teachers continue...

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  • Webinar: Teaching Islamic history

    18th November 2020

    Misunderstandings of Islam have impeded global and national cohesion in recent decades. History is well placed to develop better knowledge of the religion and the contribution of Islamic civilisations through the centuries. Currently, Muslims tend to appear in school history as the antagonists in the Crusades, with no discussion of...

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  • Webinar: Using oral history in the classroom

    12th November 2020

    Have you ever thought about using or making audio recordings to engage your class in a history topic? Whether it’s a major event such as Spanish Flu or Evacuation, or an exploration of what your community or school used to be like, the impact on students of questioning and listening...

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  • Webinar: Teaching women's history

    4th November 2020

    The role of women in history is no longer seen as a controversy, yet the diversity of women’s contributions to the centuries of human development are still underexplored in the school curriculum. Justice to History chose to develop an enquiry on the second major wave of feminist history: the 1960s...

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  • Webinar: Before the Windrush

    13th October 2020

    In this webinar Professor Hakim Adi surveys the history of African and Caribbean people in Britain before and after 1948, and suggests that much more investigation and care is needed in order to avoid the repetition of misleading myths about ‘Black British’ history.

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  • Webinar: Teaching Empire history

    7th October 2020

    The British Empire is one of the most controversial of history topics in the current curriculum. How different were the British imperialist projects from the expansion associated with twenty-first-century global capitalism? The business of empire reached a climax with the East India Company and its role in Britain’s global history...

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  • Webinar: Teaching African history

    23rd September 2020

    The history of Africa has been poorly represented in western cultures for centuries. It is widely accepted that any work on the transatlantic slave trade, a staple Key Stage 3 topic, should be prefaced by study of Africa before European contact. Abdul and Robin present a new enquiry into Religion...

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  • Webinar recording and Q&A: Evidence informed approaches in history assessment

    22nd September 2020

    By popular demand we are giving teachers the chance to view some of our best webinars from recent years. This term we will be releasing recordings of previous webinars for a limited time period. Each recording will be accompanied by an optional Q&A from the presenter to discuss any questions...

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  • Diverse history curriculum webinars

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    We are pleased to announce a new series of webinars in partnership with Justice to History aimed at teachers working with Key Stages 3 and 4. Making school history relevant as well as rigorous is our priority and school leaders will want their history department to be at the cutting edge of...

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  • CPD: Developing Exceptional History in Schools

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    Start date: All year round. Who is this course for? Heads and aspiring heads of history, primary history coordinators, secondary and primary history Quality Mark schools and subject leaders. This course will help you to provide positive development to the history provision in your school. Whether you're looking for inspiration...

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