Lucy Worsley: How to build an Anniversary

Annual Conference Film

By Dr Lucy Worsley, Chief Curator, Historic Royal Palaces, published 2nd October 2015

Do you sometimes heave a cynical sigh when you hear that it's 175 years since the invention of, say, the paperclip, and that a wealth of exhibitions, books and TV programmes are planned to celebrate the fact? 

Well, anniversaries can be a powerful hook to get people interested in the subject. For the five years following on from 2009, Chief Curator Lucy Worsley and the team at Historic Royal Palaces were planning how to make 2015, the tercentenary of 1714 and the start of the Georgian age into a year-long celebration.  In this filmed podcast Lucy speaks candidly about how the various component parts of this anniversary project - exhibitions, TV, partnerships, events - were conceived and executed, as well as telling a few stories about the House of Hanover, the German dynasty that we love to hate...

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Film: Lucy Worsley Annual Conference 2015

  • Film: Lucy Worsley Annual Conference 2015