Links between QM and Chartered Teacher of History

The Quality Mark for History is a whole school award. It recognises and provides a judgement about the quality of history provision in a school. While all staff responsible for teaching history need to be involved, the Quality Mark process will usually be led by one person. 

By contrast the status of Chartered Teacher (CTHist) is conferred to individuals. It is not a quality judgement, but instead confers on its holder a recognition of the high level of work and commitment they have shown to the continued development of both their subject knowledge and pedagogy. It is an ideal programme for early career teachers who want to have their development beyond their NQT year recognised and to inspire confidence in them as they embark upon the next phase of their career development. You can find out more about the Chartered Teacher of History programme here: 

For those undertaking either the Quality Mark or Chartered Teacher pathway, there are numerous links, not least of which is that some of the Quality Mark criteria deal with the high quality professional development of teachers, support for teaching staff at all stages and development of both subject knowledge and curriculum to ensure high quality teaching and learning. The CTHist status can be used as evidence for the Quality Mark that staff are continuing to undertake high quality development and training in their subject knowledge and pedagogy. 

Similarly, undertaking the Quality Mark process requires strong leadership from the teacher leading the school through the programme. A staff member who has successfully been able to lead a school to achieve the Quality Mark may use this as evidence of their continued commitment to the development of their subject in applications for CTHist. 

The two programmes are designed to be complementary and undertaking both will mean that a school can be highly confident both of the quality of the history provision in the school, but also in the quality of the staff teaching the subject. 

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