Teaching History 147: Curriculum Architecture


By HA, published 9th July 2012

Curriculum Architecture

Editorial 02

HA Secondary News 03

HA update 04

08 Beth Baker and Steven Mastin - Did Alexander really ask, ‘Do I appear to you to be a bastard?' Using ancient texts to improve pupils' critical thinking

14 Cunning Plan Beth Baker

16 Robin Whitburn and Sharon Yemoh ‘My people struggled too': hidden histories and heroism - a school-designed, post-14 course on multi-cultural Britain since 1945

26 Frances Blow, Peter Lee and Denis Shemilt Time and chronology: conjoined twins or distant cousins?

36 Polychronicon  Robert Poole

38 Michael Fordham Out went Caesar and in came the Conqueror, though I'm sure something happened in between... A case study in professional thinking

47 Joanne Pearson Where are we? The place of women in history curricula

53 Stephanie Burley Pedagogy, politics and the profession: a practical perusal of past, present and future developments in teaching history in Australian schools

60 MOve Me On

64 Mummy, mummy...

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