The Police and Armed Forces

The Armed Forces may deal with very modern situations, equipment and weaponry, but as mentioned before, every regiment, every ship and every Air Force base has its own history, of which it is very proud, and they are delighted when recruits turn up who have an interest in history. Obviously they will require other personal qualities and the qualifications they look for - and subjects they need at GCSE or A-level - will depend very much on the type of work you want to do. The range is actually huge, and there are opportunities for supported university degree courses as well as on the job training in a whole variety of career options which lead to qualifications recognised in the civilian world. For enquiries about careers in the Armed Forces, contact your local recruitment office or visit the appropriate Forces website(s), for example: RAFArmyNavy.

Work Experience and Voluntary Work: Most school students interested in a career in the Forces will join a local Cadet Force.

The police also have quite a warm attitude towards history; studying history means studying people, cultures and societies; the research skills gained in such studies might be particularly useful in some of the ‘back room' support staff jobs which involve analysis of the patterns of certain crimes, for example. To get an idea of the range of careers within the police force, check out their careers website. There are some work experience opportunities within the police, but you would need to contact your local force to find out more.


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