GCSE Topic Pack: Germany 1918-45

By Author: Melanie Jones. Web Editor: Simon Brown, published 16th June 2011

A GCSE Topic Pack on Germany 1918-1945.

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Weimar Republic

  • Background
  • The Treaty of Versailles
  • The Political Spectrum.
  • Early attacks on the Weimar Republic
  • The formation of the Nazi Party
  • The Crises of 1923
  • 1924-9: Stability?
  • The Wall Street Crash
  • 1929-33 - The legal Revolution: Weimar mistakes and Nazi advantage.

The Nazis in power

  • Treatment of the Jews and the Aryan race
  • German Society Under the Nazis
  • World War II

Glossary of Terms & People

  • Glossary of Key Terms and People: