Podcast Series: Pearson Edexcel Migrants in Britain

By Sally Thorne and Annabelle Larsen, published 28th January 2022

The Pearson Edexcel thematic study Migrants in Britain, c800-present, gives students an overview of how Britain has been shaped by its migrant communities over a long period of time. At its heart, the Migrants in Britain study is the story of changes in the nation’s context that encouraged, enabled, necessitated or forced migration to and within Britain, and the experiences of migrant groups and the impact they had on the country. Case studies, such as Viking York, offer students exciting opportunities to explore specific stories exemplifying these experiences.

In the linked historic environment, students learn about the locality of Notting Hill after the Second World War, showing how it became a centre for migration from the Caribbean, and about the influence of migrants in the development of the area.

In this podcast series, senior examiners Sally Thorne and Annabelle Larsen discuss what students should know as they develop a richer understanding of Britain’s place in the wider world, exploring change and continuity over time and the factors in the process of change: institutions, religion, economic influences, and attitudes in society.

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  • Overview of the course
  • Migration in Medieval England c800-c1500
  • Migration in Early Modern England c1500-c1700
  • Migration in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Britain
  • Migration in Britain c1900 to present day
  • The Historic Environment – Notting Hill c1948-c1970
  • The Structure of the Exam Paper