Revising the Elizabethans at GCSE

Podcast revision guide

By Andy Harmsworth, published 22nd October 2019

In this update to his podcast series, Andy Harmsworth offers some advice and suggestions to help you when revising the Elizabethans for the GCSE 9-1 History Exam. This podcast is suitable for students studying the Elizabethans with any examination board. Andy taught history in Kent for over 30 years with particular specialisms in the Elizabethan and Stuart period. He has authored textbooks for students on both. 

1. The Elizabethans: Introduction
2. Elizabeth I
3. Government under Elizabeth
4. Rivalry at court in the later years
5. Elizabethan Society
6. Religion & Mary Queen of Scots
7. Education & Leisure
8. Foreign Affairs, Voyages and the Armada
9. Revision
10. Writing your answers and preparing for exam questions

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